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The young musicians of Cuore Piano Trio are dedicated to bringing music to all communities, including the unprivileged ones. Thus, in 2022 at the invitation of the Musikverein Wien, they performed three recitals during the "Souvenir" concert cycle for people suffering from dementia and their family members. Each concert was a huge success and brought more attention from the audience and the press. Both the Austrian and the international media described the initiative as new and innovative, with the potential to become a must-see experience ofVienna's music scene.

Cuore Piano Trio has been reinvited to perform the full "Souvenir" cycle in Brahms-Saal in 2023/2024. Do not miss any dates by subscribing to our newsletter.

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© Igor Ripak | Photo from the Concert Cycle "Souvenir"


Cuore Piano Trio is well-known for their dedication to promote Polish music, history, culture and artists abroad, but they work intensely to bring back the forgotten gems of Polish art to the audiences in their homeland as well. In 2023, on the invitation of the RDC Polish Radio, the Trio recorded Marcin Nierubiec's music as part of the world premiere radio play with newly discovered texts written by one of the greatest Polish poets of the 20th century - Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński. The project was directed by Aleksandra Głogowska, and the play itself (pol. Cudowne przygody pana Pinzla rudego) were read by some of the best Polish actors, such as Andrzej Seweryn, Piotr Adamczyk or Adam Woronowicz.

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© Radio dla Ciebie  |  Behind the scenes footage


2024 will bring a milestone for Cuore Piano Trio, as the ensemble will release its debut album in January. The CD will be published by a Spanish label, KNS Classical, as a result of the Grand Prix the trio was awarded at the "Music & Stars Awards" International Music Competition in Estonia in 2022. The repertoire pushes the boundaries between genres and the album itself is a youthful breath of fresh air in the classical music field. Follow the trio's social media for backstage footage from the recording process. 

The partner of the project is Lubelskie Voivodeship within the "Lubelskie Taste Life!" program.

Partnerem wydarzenia „Promocja województwa lubelskiego podczas nagrania debiutanckiego albumu Cuore PianoTrio oraz koncertów towarzyszących we Włoszech, Polsce i Austrii” jestWojewództwo Lubelskie”

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